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EDUCATION ASSURANCE INITIATIVE was conceived as a response to the perceived increase in uneducated and unemployed youths, lack of agricultural interest in youths and lack of resources to make their dreams come to reality. With this realization came the need to bring this group into existence, to help this most vulnerable population to make the youths know that they can actually live the kind of life they’ve always envisaged.

We find innovative ways to help the student by seeking and providing opportunities for them, e.g. We provide authentic news about events, scholarships and grants, both locally and internationally that benefits students, we currently provide scholarshp to our registered members, and we are currently dialoguing with the government and other private corporations/institutions to provide access to student loans

No. EDAI is NOT a scholarshp organisation. But we offer scholarship to our members once a year.

The scholarshp which is open to University, Colleges of Education and Polytechnic students include funding for study on merit OR text book allowances to engender a zeal towards academic excellence.

The scholarship test is designed to evaluate the Intelligent Quotient(IQ) of each student, focusing on individual speed and accuracy in reasoning.
A verbal reasoning section designed to test the students understanding and application of English language. The quantitative reasoning section evaluates an individual's application of basic mathematical concepts to solve everyday problems.

No. At least not for now. EDAI currently focuses on Undergraduates currently studying at higher institutions of learning in Nigeria.

All year one and two students of universities/ ND1 and HND1 of polytechnic in Nigeria who are registered members of the organisation are eligible for the application.

Every registered member(not visitors of the site) of EDAI is eligible for our annual scholarship. Every member of EDAI has a VIP pass(or given preference) on all our programs. EDAI is a community that looks out for its members, we strive to make transition from school to the professional world as seamless as possible. Other benefits are being added gradually.

A passport, your O'Level and School ID are necessary for your registration. Others will be requested from you in time.

You are expected to register only once for membership.

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