Our Story

EDUCATION ASSURANCE INITIATIVE was conceived as a response to the perceived increase in uneducated and unemployed youths, lack of agricultural interest in youths and lack of resources to make their dreams come to reality. With this realization came the need to bring this group into existence, to help this most vulnerable population to make the youths know that they can actually live the kind of life they’ve always envisaged.


The EDAI provides a forum in which the government, school authorities and corporate organizations can work together to seek solutions to basic needs of students. The organization will further work with the government to understand what drives economic, academic, social and environmental change in students and the Nigerian youth at large.

Our Mission

The mission of the Education Assurance Initiative (EDAI) is to encourage a successful post-secondary education for our youths, give them equal chances of unleashing their potential and be self-reliant through engaging and income generating activities.

Core Values

OBJECTIVE: Our activities and recommendations are evidence-based.

OPEN: We encourage students’ full participation with the organization.

BOLD: We dare to challenge conventional wisdom starting with our own.

PIONEERING: We identify and address emerging long-term challenges.

ETHICAL: Our watch words are – Trust, Integrity, Transparency.